How 2 Take A Picture How-to-Guide

  1. Acquire a high quality digital camera, any camera that uses 8 megapixels (iphone 5 camera for some who already have one) will suffice for this requirement.
  2. Make sure the light in the room has PROPER white lighting (like the long bulbs in the lights fixtures at your local super market!) Note that what ever shade of white your lights cast is what shade of white the picture will come out so try to keep it professional here meaning NO SELFIES!!!
  3. Have the background be as completely blank and solid-colored you can get it (NO wood panels, NO textures, NO patterns etc etc you get what we're saying)
  4. Make sure the wall contrast with your skin color meaning If your skin tone is pale, DO NOT USE A WHITE WALL or wear a white shirt. A nice example is: White Wall = Dark Colored shirt
  5. Take the picture from the WAIST UP. Do not zoom in too much and give us a head shot, NO SELFIE ANGLES DAMNIT!!
  6. Important!! For women, have your hair done neat. Don't have hair sticking up or sticking out. Down and straight is your best bet. Have your hair nicely combed.
  7. Think DMV/Passport style photos professional type shit. The photo MUST be chest up, not any lower, not any higher. We must have your chest/shoulders and your head in the photo. And do not clip off the top of your head we need the whole thing intact! If you have any confusion with this requirement refer your beautiful eyes to 2 and 5 on the list)
  8. Don't take it upon yourself to edit the picture for us to save us the trouble or whatever your precious head has come up with, just send it to us and we will edit it. We will photoshop it perfectly. It is better if your picture comes out further than closer because we can always crop, but we won't be able to add to your picture if it already comes in edited.
  9. After the photo is taken, take the time to make sure there are NO SHADOWS under your eyes or any shadows on your face shadows are a dead give away to it being fake, The reason being DMV photos use a direct flash right on your face so there should be NO SHADOWS.
  10. REALLY IMPORTANT! Don't send in SCANNED photos of any kind!! This includes scanned passport photos. The quality will not be satisfactory for our purpose.

Lastly, please remember...high quality ID reflects the picture quality. No matter how good our ID's are, if the picture you provide us is complete SHIT (low quality, pixelated, slanted, webcam pictures) then your fake ID is a sure fire way to land you in a jail cell for a week!