How 2 Take A Picture How-to-Guide

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  1. Acquire a high quality, 8 megapixel digital camera. iPhone 5 (for those who have it) will suffice.
  2. Use proper WHITE lighting (like the long bulbs in the lights fixtures at your local super market!)
  3. Use a blank, solid-colored background. No textures, no patterns, no wood panels, no nada.
  4. Be certain the the background contrasts your skin tone/hair color/clothing. We don't want to lose you in the background!
  5. Take the picture from the WAIST UP. No zoom, no head shots, no selfies! Have your entire head in the photo as well - no clipping allowed.
  6. Important!! For women, have your hair done neat. Neatly combed, down and straight is best.
  7. Leave the editing to us. We will photoshop your photo perfectly to fit your new ID correctly.
  8. After the photo is taken, make sure there are NO SHADOWS under your eyes or any shadows on your face. Shadows are a dead give away to your ID being a fake.
  9. REALLY IMPORTANT! Don't send in SCANNED photos of any kind!! This includes scanned passport photos. The quality will not be satisfactory for our purpose.

Lastly, please ID is only as good as its photo. No matter how good our ID's are, if the picture you provide is complete SHIT (low quality, pixelated, slanted, webcam), then your fake ID is a sure-fire way to land you in jail for a week!