How-2-Send Western Union Guide

Sending Western Union Payment!

We like to make things as simple as possible. This guide will walk you through on sending a Western Union Payment.

Go to Western Union Location to locate a Western Union payment center near you!
Once there pick a form that looks like the one to the right (mobile view below)

Open that form up and you'll what you need to fill out to the right (mobile view below)
In the Blue Area your going to fill out your information (first and last name, Address, City, State, Zip and Phone number; Leave "My WU" and "Email" blank)
In the Red Area your going to put in the Send Amount, Receiver State, Receiver First and last name (we will provide you receiver information after you've submitted your order)
In the Yellow Area your going to mark "Money in Minutes". (Optional to add test question and test answer; but remember to provide the test answer once you submit your payment details to us.)
At the bottom sign the form.

Lastly... Pay in CASH... Not Credit Card or Debit Card! Otherwise we will cancel your payment.

If you have anymore questions about Western Union

Just go to our Contact Us page submit ticket :-)