Payment Methods

We are always figuring out new methods for customers to be able to pay for these wonderful products. Sadly we can't run like a normal business and accept credit cards. So we have a list of payment methods we accept.

Method Details Process Timeframe Fee
Bitcoins This is the best way to pay. You can use Coinbase, Circle, localbitcoins and many more options out there. 1 - 24hrs Zero Fees
Western Union Once you place you order we email you the details. We use a 3rd party to process the payment. 12-72hrs(heavy traffic times its 1 week) Zero Fees
(Keep in mind WU will charge between 6-7% on their end)
iTunes Gift Card You can just purchase the gift card at any retail store. Make sure you purchase the one you can get $1-100 amount on it and not the ones with fixed amount on them. If you total is more than $100+ you can have to purchse more cards to equal amount of the total of your order.
PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any single itunes codes worth more than $100 their not accepted. So make sure you get the $100 or less. Failure to due so will result in cancelling of payment.
1 - 3 days (We don't process payments over the weekend) 20%

If you need more help with our payment methods, Contact Us!