Bug Bounty Can you spot bugs?

Welcome to Bug Bounty of YoloIDs!

We take very deep pride in services and products we offer to USA! We spend MANY hours trying to only offer the best to customers! So we have created the bug bounty for our website. If you have spotted a glitch with our site or services and it hasn't been reported to us yet than you're in luck! We pay $25.00 in crypto from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash (which ever is available) or Free ID to those who find these bugs! Our goal is to have the best functioning website on the market.

Breakdown what we looking for...
Broken URL on our website.
If submittion isn't working when trying to submit something on a form.
Image that isn't displaying on the webpage.
You find security issue that something people shouldn't see.
Image that isn't displaying on the webpage.
Shopping cart isn't showing correct total price.

If you found something...

Hurry up and contact us by email ASAP!